Three ways of Increasing Your Phone Number Database for Effective SMS Marketing

We are in the area of information and communication technology made possible by phones, other mobile devices and computers. To do an effective commercial these days, you have to key into the information and computer technology using the phone marketing. To run an effective phone and SMS marketing campaign, it is of crucial importance that you know how to obtain mobile phone numbers free of charge or with a few coin. This is important because if you don’t have large phone numbers you will not be successful in your phone marketing strategy. With the phone number of your friends, you will not succeed in your phone marketing. Your phone number database need to contain thousands of phone numbers. The question is, how do you obtain these phone numbers? Find out.

Purchase it

Many businesses that engage in SMS marketing spend money in purchasing mobile numbers in order to grow their phone number database. You can find website that can provide you with thousands of phone number at some fees. The advantage of this option is that it is a quicker means of getting as many phone numbers you want as possible. But on the negative side, this option will cost you some money. Besides, the method can also cause you some problems and may not yield the desired results. Many consumers don’t like unsolicited message and some people go as far as filing a lawsuit against such message and claiming damages. You may not get much response if you purchase phone number because a good number of them are not among your target audience.

Entice consumers with offers

An easy means of getting plenty phone numbers to add to your phone number database is to make an interesting offer to consumers while requesting them to get the offer by calling or sending text to a phone number. Just get a unique number that you will be using for this purpose. There are a number of SMS marketing applications that you can sign up with and register the number. Put up a public notice which may be just written on an A4 and pasted at a strategic position in your office where consumers will see them. The notice should tell them about the offer and the number they will text to or call in order to receive the prize. An example of such a notice is “Text Yes to 07022987473 to receive coupons from us”. Definitely, many consumers will text to the number to receive the offer. The SMS software will capture the phone numbers of all the people that texted. In this way, you have obtained their numbers free of charge.

Ask for the phone numbers of your customers

Request your customers to provide you with their phone numbers. This may sound crazy but it is not. It all depends on how you go about it. You can put up a notice at the entrance of your office or at the reception informing customers that you send offers via SMS and requesting them to give their numbers to receive the offer if they are interested. Believe me, a lot of them will give their phone numbers freely. In this way, you get their numbers freely and these are your direct target audience.